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This is how i went to work today. Then i read this: warm jacket for fall and i was inspired to get one myself.

This is what i got:

Warm and cozy and light brown jacket. Worn here with harem pants from Bitte Kai Rind. (Sorry for the lack of ironing, i tried to get shots as quickly as possible 😀 ). The jacket has really nice tailoring details, which are not visible here, but i guess someday i’ll do a proper photoshoot of it..
The other one was really interesting too:

It is made from velvet (i think i have an obsession with velvet by now), has a really nice chocolate color and a lot of buttons. A LOT OF buttons 😀 Even two on the backside! I paired it with these mustard color leggings and brown heels, which i talked about here: SHOES!!

BUT i still haven’t found the right tweed jacket, so prepare to be attacked with jacket information once more in near future 😀


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crazy person from a crazy town, interested in fashion and music. working as interior designer in architecture office.

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  1. those fall looks are super fantastic! i love the richness of the color! the 2nd look is probably one of my favorite amongst three because of the dark chocolate palette and the wonderful combination of loose shaped pants and the structured jacket! BTW: i am totally up for the wrinkle on the pants – it would be too perfect if it’s crisply ironed :D, xoxo

  2. Antroj foto diržas ir kelnės labai labai 🙂

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