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misty afternoon

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open mouth much?

radom seną veidrodį…

Šiandien mano bro gimcė. Sveikinimai 🙂 Keliavom i dvarelį, o oras buvo toooks pilkas. Tariau sau, kad reik spalvų, nieka čia nebus. Man toks keistas lietuviškas įsitikinimas vilkėti daug juodos ar pilkų spalvų, juk ir taip viskas pilka… reikia bent drabužiais gyvenimą pasispalvinti 🙂

Today is my brothers birthday. So we went to the mansion. There were no colors in the air, so i wanted to have my own private color therapy. Lithuanians should wear more color, it’s always so grey everywhere…

Wearing: everything second hand or vintage 🙂
ok ok.. Jacket – second hand – 10Lt
violet velvet shirt – second hand – 8lt
red shirt – don’t remember where i got it…
pants – vintage – 2lt
shoes – from here – 25Lt
scarf – second hand – 10Lt
bag – – 15Lt
coat – got it as a present. A friend of mine saw his mother throwing this wonderful piece out, and thought that it would suit me perfectly. He couldn’t be more right! I love the mustard color!


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crazy person from a crazy town, interested in fashion and music. working as interior designer in architecture office.

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  1. hummmm… it is how i felt about winter in general … a sea of black and grey, which i really do not complain – but it was very nice to see those saturated hues in your photos!!! it is so much fun that you could share the trench with your brother …. mustard color is one of my very favorite though i don’t even think i own too many of pieces in this colors! have a lovely week, xoxo

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment 🙂
    I will try to come up with more outfits with colors, i just can’t stand the greyness..
    And though i see where it comes from, but thats not my brother, it’s actually my bf 😀

  3. i LOVE those yellow-ish pants! that’s my favorite color and it isn’t always easy to find. the scarf is beautiful too.

  4. Thank you, and you’re absolutely right, you don’t quite find this color that much 🙂

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