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jacket galore 2

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well… i found myself digging through piles of clothes at second hand again. i cannot help myself 😀 And i found these perfect gems:

Completely new boyfriend blazer in violet! Came from Finland! 🙂 Still with tags and sewn pockets. Nice..

Bit blurred, but i likes the pose and the structure..

It is really perfect. With all that hard shoulder pads and everything.
Second one was left behind deep in the rack, all forgotten. I felt sorry about it (am i going crazy feeling something for a jacket??) 😀 so i pulled it out and oh my was i surprised. It is really wonderful sewn jacket with all these nice constructed details, reminded me something from earlier eras, a man’s jacket, napoleon maybe 😀

It is dark green color, very warm, with very long sleeves ( i have problems with sleeves much of the time, cause my hands are so long…)

Paired here with another find: sheer yellow long shirt with wonderful buttons, sadly no pictures of them 🙂
But it was a bit too revealing 🙂 I don’t usually go out like this.. so i switched to more comfortable stuff:

This is more like it 🙂

Wearing vintage suede belt as a jewelry not a belt 😀 It so sweet, but so small… yeah, i know, that the telly with all its wires is visible, but oh well.. i accidentally deleted the other picture without them. sorry :>

BEJE, apie tai, kaip reikia pamiršti kelnes geriausiai parašė garance dore

O TAIP PAT: Gatves mada NY


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crazy person from a crazy town, interested in fashion and music. working as interior designer in architecture office.

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  1. kojines atrodo tragiskai, visiskai ne i tema jos, be to, prideda vulgarumo..

  2. čia kurios? 😀

  3. tos kurios is po palto islenda, bet raudonos irgi ne ka geriau atrodo su plikom kojom xD

  4. Nu matai koks stebuklas čia gavos, kojos tai ne plikos 😀 Galvojau matysis fotkėse, nes ten tokios gražios pilkos spalvos pėdkelnės yra… oh well..
    Tai skant, norėčiau galbūt patarimų, kaip parodyti šiuos super duper švarkus taip, kad matytųsi, kad jie super duper 🙂 Any ideas?

  5. Antra nuotrauka labai graži, mėgstu sublurintas 🙂

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  8. nice legs, by the way 😉

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